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Kuti Studios Audio Visual Production Company is a leading independent production house, creating award-winning music for records, content for television, film and advertising. We are passionate about the soundtrack, the music, the audio designs, and the difference that it can make to the broadcast moment.
Kuti Studio’s depth of experience in both the corporate and commercial industries allows us to create the right concept of video production, music and content for any recording, radio advert or commercial.
Established in 2016 Kuti Studio has earned an exceptional reputation and an impressive roster of clients. Kuti Studios Company has continuously raised the bar of quality recording and production services. We only use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software and our team has a reputation for being cutting edge and innovative. We take great pride in getting our cooperate clients and recording clients the best quality video, sound recording and concept development at an affordable rate. In today’s competitive industry it is imperative to have a team of experienced, real life working professionals using today’s most cutting edge and modern techniques.


We create outstanding videos ranging from Marketing, Corporate, Commercial, Documentary, Training, Coverage videos, world-class music, and bespoke compositions using the best sound engineers and cinematographers with detailed arrangements along with cutting edge production. This gives every concept and composition no matter what the genre the magic, emotion and energy required to enhance the experience, expressing the values and identity of the program, advertisement, film or brand.